Why You Shouldn’t Wake Up Early?

The shortest answer is, you don’t need to wake up early before sun knocks the door. But, if your life depends on rising early, kick your butt and wake up early. Similarly, if your life depends on not leaving bed early or maybe you lean on going to the bed in the morning – Kick the big butt of people who preach you rise and shine in the morning.

I am night owl, not by hobby or I like this, it’s the way I make money to pay my bills. When I was in college, I was one of the biggest loser in the eyes of a few teacher. At the same time, there was one and only one teacher, who was understanding me. Absolutely, not because I was able to convince, but he was wise enough to become a real teacher.

Let’s go little back to school, everything was like you have to wake up in morning to join the events of class, tuition and homework. I was happy with that. But now time has changed for me and now I am able to go to the bed early in the morning.

So, from today, never ever follow this ridiculously corrupt rule, that doesn’t matter to you. Live a happy and healthy life that suites your body. Remember, stop switching between rising early and waking up late. Just follow the rule that your body accepts along with your job/work.